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Maine Accessibility Corporation doesn't just do elevators. We offer a full line of other products to make your home not just more accessible, but more convenient.

Straight Stairlifts
When you can't get up the stairs, and don't want to spend a fortune or modify your house for a larger lift, a stairlift is the solution. Stairlifts are mounted on the stairs, and usually can be put in in a few hours.
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Curved Stairlifts
Want a stairlift, but don't have a straight set of stairs? A curved stairlift can go around bends, over landings, and level across the floor. A curved stairlift can put you right where you want to be.
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Wheelchair Lifts
A wheelchair lift is a solution for carrying people and wheelchairs between floors. Available in indoor, outdoor, residential, and commercial applications, there's a wheelchair lift to fit your needs.
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Ramp Systems
Getting in, out, and around your home has never been easier with our modular ramp systems. Weather resistant, quick to install, and movable, a modular ramp can make your home or business accessible to everyone.
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Automatic Door Openers
Opening the door isn't always as simple as it seems. When the people using your doors need help, we have automatic door openers to do the work for you.
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